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Moda Operandi & NITA SURI FW 2018

Championing an expertly curated selection of current items from both established and emerging designers, Moda Operandi offers instant gratification for those looking for a powerful hit of high-end luxury.    In September 2017, Moda Operandi and NitaSuri launched an exclusive collaboration with their one-of-a-kind “Moda Operandi x NitaSuri” trunkshow. Moda Operandi was launched in 2011 and offers its customers the ideal solution to a first-world problem of the highest order: it allows buyers to shop from unique “trunk shows” immediately after every runway show and months ahead of the collection release. That way, clients can get access to the runway looks right after every fashion show and will not have to wait until the official release; it is the only...

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Most women are seeking for those types of fashion accessories, which are eye-catching; either by the color, texture or shape. Nowadays, there are several materials in the market however the main one used by traditional craftsmanship dating many years back is leather!! Most famous brands use leather as their main primary material to elaborate their masterpieces, strengthening their brand value. Before going into further details, first let’s talk about where leather products originate. Leather is the material one obtains after treating animal fabric layer and going through the tanning process. During this process, involving acidic chemical compound is used preventing animal skin from becoming rotten and less susceptible to decomposition due to the use of an acidic chemical compound called...

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WHAT IS BLACK FRIDAY? Once fall season arrives, the most common question people ask stores is if they are going to have Black Friday Deals. However, have you ever wondered what truly is Black Friday? In short, we may say Black Friday represents the first Friday after the famous Thanks Giving Day, an emblematic day for every US citizen. When Black Friday is near, our minds immerse on finding the best gift for our beloved ones. A gift that has a meaning, a definition, as with our handbags they are all associated to a characteristic. "The best gifts come from the heart, not the store" -Sarah Dessen. With Nitasuri you can't go wrong, if you know the person you know...

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