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Inspired by many years of extensive globetrotting, Montse Freixes has dedicated her life to observing the beauty of different cultures through art, and interpreting it into wearable accessories. She founded NITASURI to give women all over the world the freedom to express their creative vision, unapologetic confidence, and true originality.


Originally launched in Japan in 1991, the company gained instant international acclaim due to the unique designs. Montse Freixes drew upon the architecture of her native city, Barcelona to design NITASURI. In fact, the name NITASURI pays homage to Montse’s grandmothers, Anita and Surina, who are remembered for their timeless grace and bold style.


The famous architectural artistry of Barcelona influences NITASURI handbag shapes. Namely, the LIA and PILO styles are derived from Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Transforming these architectural designs into handbags demonstrates NITASURI’s “Fashion as Art'' concept.

The masterful execution of the Sagrada Familia’s towers, adorned with triangular and spherical tips, served as the inspiration behind the NITASURI ICONICS collection: the LIA, a pyramid, and the PILO, a sphere.

Every NITASURI handbag encompasses a common set of recognisable features. Distinguished by their exclusive designs inspired by celebrated architects, each NITASURI handbag is carefully crafted to ensure durability, comfort and cutting-edge design.


The first model of each NITASURI handbag is constructed with care in Montse’s private studio. Every piece is meticulously studied and analysed by the designer to achieve peak functionality and maximum usability for the carrier, while forever maintaining the architectural NITASURI aesthetic. With this delicate control over the design process, Montse and the NITASURI team guarantee the sheer excellence of every piece.

Marked by forceful lines and extreme attention to detail, a NITASURI handbag is instantly recognisable. Through the use of traditional techniques dating back 300 years, NITASURI preserves its Spanish roots while producing timeless handbag designs. The closely monitored production process, in which every stitch, line, and detail are measured out to the millimeter, results in a completely unique piece that promises quality and aesthetic.

The production takes place in the white-washed village of Ubrique, which is known as Spain’s leather craftsmanship cradle. Internationally acclaimed for quality and excellence, Ubrique handles around 75% of Spains leather production. In Ubrique, the finest artisans follow the designer’s precise production guidelines to preserve the quality of each and every NITASURI accessory.