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Product Care

  • Your product has been handcrafted in Spain to the highest quality standards, by artisans using the finest materials.

  • Colour variations and markings may appear in the leather due to naturally occurring features.

  • To maintain and preserve your product, avoid contact with water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics. Prolonged and direct exposure to sources of light and heat should also be avoided.

  • If your product gets wet, remove any excess moisture by dabbing lightly with a soft dry cloth and dry at room temperature. If the metal hardware on your product becomes discoloured, use a dry jewellery cleaning cloth to remove any tarnishing.

  • Due to the manufacturing process, the leathers may cause colour transfer, especially in humid environments. Please keep this in mind, particularly when wearing light colours.

  • When not in use, we recommend storing your product in a cool dry place, in the accompanied dust bag.