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Fashion Boutiques Across the World

In less than one year, NitaSuri has been expanding into new markets, currently being in: USA, Korea, Japan and Spain. NitaSuri is a very selective brand which is represented by fashion boutiques: Celebrity Designer Sen Couture’s vision and passion allowed her to create exceptional garments that were well-received by trendsetters all over the world in a short period of time. They are often seen on celebrities and featured in fashion magazines all over the world. (Toni Braxton, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Lisa Rinna… ) Address: 8211 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Contemporary Women boutique McKenzie Claire is a contemporary women’s fashion boutique for anyone craving a stylish wardrobe. From the florals of Rebecca Taylor, to the structured...

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Charitable Donations: NITASURI & SPARO

We are excited to announce our partnership with Sparo to donate 10% of all your online purchases to the charity of your choice at no cost to you!. Charity Fundraising  Sparo’s Purchase with a Purpose® program is designed to help charities and causes that are important to all of us, one purchase at a time. Providing charitable donations to any charity program you desire to choose. To participate, simply shop as you would, and at the Shopping Cart, select which charity you would like our donation to go to. Then checkout as usual in order to complete the donation. Start trying your charitable donations by purchasing one of our best-sellers products. NitaSuri will offer a 20% discount code for people...

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Spanish Leather Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship in Spain Montse Freixes, as a designer has been continuously working with artisans in Ubrique since over 25 years. With a close relationship, now Montse not only designs, but she also produces the first prototype of the new models. Montse and the artisans of Ubrique are in constant search for excellence each season. Exploring products that reflects the deepest values of craftsmanship and the Spanish tradition with the most innovative techniques applied to the inspiration of the artist. Ubrique Each bag is handmade in Ubrique, the world’s cradle of leather craftsmen in Spain, with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, using only one piece of the finest soft calf and sheep leather. The quality of Ubrique’s leather...

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Trunk Show  Don’t miss the chance to preorder NitaSuri handbags including Moda Operandi Exclusive Pastel Pink models. We are happy to announce the exclusive online trunk show at Moda Operandi is being extended until September 15th. Moda Operandi launched in 2011 as the solution to a first-world problem of the highest order. Allowing customers to shop from ‘trunk shows’ in the weeks immediately after a runway show and months before a collection is released. Moda Operandi is the only online retailer to invite clients to PREORDER next-season’s looks straight from the runway. And for those who can’t wait, they offer an expertly curated in-season BOUTIQUE. Considered one of the top Luxury E-commerce Retailers in US with an array of high-end...

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Behind The Gaudi Collection Inspiration

Montse Freixes, designer of NitaSuri, has always been inspired by the architecture, beauty and culture of her hometown of Barcelona, Spain. Being a consummate profession all with a passionate for even the smallest detail, Monste has always been mesmerized by Gaudi’s unique attention to detail and his ability to tell a story through his art. She fell in love with Gaudi’s creative madness and boldness that went into creating La SagradaFamilia.   She admired Gaudi and always saw him as a “Modernist through excellence”, who was ever inspired by nature and the colors it imbues. Her father, Ramon Freixes, being a great admirer of art, always took her around Barcelona to explain the significance of Gaudi’s momentous works and architecture...

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