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Behind The Gaudi Collection Inspiration

Montse Freixes, designer of NitaSuri, has always been inspired by the architecture, beauty and culture of her hometown of Barcelona, Spain.

Being a consummate profession all with a passionate for even the smallest detail, Monste has always been mesmerized by Gaudi’s unique attention to detail and his ability to tell a story through his art. She fell in love with Gaudi’s creative madness and boldness that went into creating La SagradaFamilia.


She admired Gaudi and always saw him as a “Modernist through excellence”, who was ever inspired by nature and the colors it imbues. Her father, Ramon Freixes, being a great admirer of art, always took her around Barcelona to explain the significance of Gaudi’s momentous works and architecture to her.

As a young girl, Monste will never forget how her father would speak so eloquently about Gaudi’s masterpiece La Sagrada Familia, pointing with pride to the high tips of the building comprised of many small ceramic pieces.

The shapes of the triangle and spheres on the top this building serve as the inspiration behind the GAUDI collection as a tribute his masterpiece.