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Hand made in spain

Montse Freixes, designer of NitaSuri, has always been inspired by the architecture, beauty, and culture of her hometown of Barcelona, Spain. From an early age, she has always shown an intrinsic passion for arts and design.

As a young woman living in Biarritz, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid, Monste had been designing for renowned luxury brands since her early twenties.

Her desire to see the world inspired her to live and immerse herself in vastly different cultures – from Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur to Seoul and Madrid – to experience firsthand all this world has to offer.

Motivated by her worldwide travels, passionate curiosity and creative mind for design, she has dedicated her life to observe the beauty of different cultural arts and translating them into wearable accessories – thus founding NitaSuri as a way to share her unique vision with the world.

The name NitaSuri comes as a tribute to the designer’s grandmothers: Anita (Nita) and Ursurina(Suri).


Young Entrepeneurs

In 2016, NitaSuri launched with a new concept and vision, lead by the designer’s daughters: PalomaYumi and Montserrat Tami.

Paloma Yumi

 With a finance and business background combined with her work experience in one of the world's largest networks of Angel Investors in Southern California, decided to initiate her adventure to the entrepreneurial life launching NitaSuri.

Montserrat Tami

 Working with Yum Brands, supporting brands connect with people and culture, she is passionate about cultural trends and understanding the ins-and-outs of diverse international industries and the products or brands within it.

Her creative eye and deep passion for art serve as the next generation of NitaSuri designers, following in her mother’s footsteps to design the brand’s latest and incomparable collection of handbags.

Motivated by their mother’s footsteps, the sisters have learned to value the art of traveling and managed to incorporate NitaSuri into different cultures, thus giving rise to the brand around the world.