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NITASURI offers an exclusive design and an outstanding quality - creating a unique and timeless piece of art.

From the passion for art to an increasing admiration for the fashion industry, NITA SURI was born.

A unique and innovative design concept which entails luxury leather shapes and colors to feed your senses while maintaining the elegance.


A brand created by the designer to honor her two grandmothers Anita and Surina, from the mixture of their names comes NITA SURI. They inspired the designer to fulfill her dream creating these masterpieces.

Motivated by her travels around the globe, passionate curiosity and creative mind for design, she has dedicated her life observing the beauty of different cultures through art and translating them into wearable accessories – thus founding Nita Suri as a way to share her unique vision with the world.


Montse Freixes was always fascinated by the magnificent architecture present in her hometown of Barcelona. This creative environment fostered her vision of creating uniquely handcrafted handbags focused on quality and innovation.

Inspired by some of the city’s architectural masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia, each bag follows a geometric silhouette that has been perfectly designed to be both aesthetically beautiful and functional.