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Handmade in Spain

Each of our bags is handmade in Ubrique, Spain - the world’s cradle of leather craftsmen in Spain, with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and original design.

The crafting of every NITA SURI is a ritual executed with great care, skill and precision. It is at the designer’s studio in Madrid, where with the greatest detail and enthusiasm that the first prototypes of these handmade bags are made. The delicate handling of the leather, the faithfulness given to the designs and the special attention to detail transforms the creation of every piece into an unrivalled work of art.

NITA SURI’s designer and the artisans of Ubrique face the constant search for excellence each season with every collection. Exploring products that reflect the deepest values of craftsmanship and the Spanish tradition with the most innovative techniques applied to the inspiration and the universe of the artist.


The quality of Ubrique’s craftsmanship is famous across Spain producing over 75% of the leathergoods made in Spain. It is there where some of the most renowned luxury brands across the world produce their leather products with techniques that have been used and passed down from generation to generation.

For this reason, they are handmade in Spain with the craftsmanship of the world’s most uniquely skilled artisans.

The craftsmanship of every NITA SURI entails the selection of the finest, most luxurious leather available on the market, to achieve a handbag with the perfect finish.

The production of our products is entirely handmade with a flawless development and a meticulous finish. NITA SURI is entirely handmade with a flawless development and a meticulous finish. Our commitment is to grant our clients an irreplaceable and timeless piece, using the finest leather to achieve a handbag with the perfect finish that will withstand the test of time.

This special attention to selection and detail makes each NITA SURI an object of cult for its customers who appreciate the value of unique materials combined with exclusive design.