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NITA SURI offers exclusive designs and an outstanding quality
creating a unique and timeless piece of art

From the passion for architecture to an increasing admiration for the fashion industry, NITA SURI was born. This exceptional and innovative design concept entails luxury leather shapes and colors to feed your senses while maintaining the elegance that the contemporary women seek.

Three cornerstones compose the nature of NITA SURI

Exclusive Design

These are not your typical handbags; these are pieces of art in which you admire the beauty and emotion that were put into the design of each artifact.

Each NITA SURI encompasses a common set of recognizable features:

"Light as a Feather"

With average 400 gr, the handbag is lightweight in order to ensure every women is able to fit all the belongings she needs on a daily basis.

"Wide Opening"

The opening of the bags allows you to see all of its content thanks to its light lining. When the bag is open, you can easily find all your belongings.

"Exclusive Design"

All pieces are inspired by famous architectural artworks which are transformed onto the design of each NITA SURI handbag following the concept of “Fashion as Art”.

NITA SURI aims to clear away conventional standards of luxury, expressing its own personality, catering today’s unique modern and elegant identity.

Recognizable by marked and forceful lines, each NITA SURI is manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality, handcrafted by selected artisans from Spain.

The craftsmanship of every NITA SURI entails the selection of the finest, most luxurious leather available on the market to obtain a handbag with the perfect finish. This special attention to selection and detail makes each NITA SURI an object of cult for its customers who appreciate the value of unique materials combined with exclusive design.

Behind every NITA SURI lies a carefully and delicately executed design project which makes each handbag exclusive and irreplaceable in its own way. To each collection, basic principles from the world of architecture and design are applied.

Each NITA SURI bag is a one-of-a-kind architectural piece which has an exceptional personality becoming a luxurious and eye-catching piece. Read more about the inspirations behind each model here.