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NITASURI is a luxury handbag brand conceptualized and designed in Spain that explores the fusion of Fashion & Art governing unique designs.

All designs are influenced by masterpieces of Spain's history, origins of the designer, creating wearable art handbags catering today’s unique modern and elegant identity.

NITASURI’s collections are distinctive and sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless. All designs pay homage to the true functional art, producing each bag to become small masterpiece.

Each collection is inspired by a famous Spanish artist in the form of shape or color selection to express their aesthetic and cultural values, truly one of a kind.

“These are not your typical handbags, they are Art”
- Montse Freixes (Designer)

Art seeking to meet the needs of the modern woman who appreciate quality and design, who value details and identify the original and genuine designs. Curating beautiful stylish leather handbags and accessories for the fearless individual.

NITASURI is composed by three vertices:

Exclusive Design + Quality + Craftsmanship

Each bag is made in Ubrique, Spain with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, using only one piece of the finest leather.

Our handmade process respect traditional techniques and several decades of experience. Craftsmen’s experience is something irreplaceable. It is what makes our items perfect and timeless pieces of art.

The final result is a sustainable line of bags offering unique and contemporary interpretations of timeless styles with a high sense of effortless elegance and quality.