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Behind every NITA SURI lies a carefully and delicately executed design project which makes each handbag exclusive and unique in its own way. To each collection, basic principles from the world of architecture and design are applied.

Each NITA SURI bag is a one-of-a-kind architectural piece which has an exceptional personality that makes it such a luxurious and eye-catching piece.


Montse Freixes, the mastermind behind NITA SURI, has always been fascinated and passionate about Gaudí’s architecture. The architect has such a unique vision and attention to detail that he tells a story with every single part of his architectural art. Montse fell absolutely in love with Gaudi’s creative mind and the boldness that went into creating the Sagrada Familia.

She admired Gaudi and always saw him as a Modernist through excellence, who was ever inspired by nature and the colors it imbues. Her father, Ramon Freixes, being a great admirer of art, always took her around the city of Barcelona to tell her about the significance of Gaudi’s momentous works and architecture as well as express his admiration for the Catalan artist.

Monste would never forget how her father would speak so eloquently about Gaudi’s masterpiece La Sagrada Familia, pointing out, full pride, the high tips of the building which were comprised of many small ceramic pieces. The shapes of the triangle and spheres atop this building would serve as the inspiration behind the first NITA SURI collection as well as be a tribute to this respected work of art.



Not only the iconic collection, but also the second collection is inspired by another of Gaudí’s principal architectural creations and one of Barcelona’s main landmarks: Parque Güell. This park is full of small details which leaves every single visitor speechless; there’s an infinite array of colour-combination and figures to be discovered within the park. With its origin laying back in 1900, it has lived through big changes of the city of Barcelona, but has yet remained intact and equally impactful to its visitors.

The park has always served as a sign for modernism and dynamism and with its salient features of art nouveau, it stood and still stands for the cosmopolitan spirit of Barcelona and its international architectural features.

Montse found her specific inspiration for the Flower collection in the flowers that can be seen in one of the main benches inside the park. The perfect round circle with its delicate and exquisite lines are a reflection of the modernity and love for details the whole park holds.


Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia also served as a major inspiration for the MARGARITA collection. But this time it was not the building’s outside look that inspired Montse Freixes, but rather the inside of the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world.

Specifically inspirational were the massive rosettes that can be found all around the building. Strongly reminding her of huge “margarita” flowers, she wanted to somehow incorporate these into her third collection. Through these flowers she attempted to fill NITA SURI with fresh air and more life, creating a unique combination of natural elements and architectural inspirations which together led her to create this absolutely creative and unique collection.

The collection also embodies the idea of the importance of not only the outside of everything, but also the inside. Since it is from the inside of the Sagrada Familia that these rosettes can best be appreciated; when the light shines through them is when their whole beauty can be truly recognized. These handbags attempt to bring the idea of “taking a closer look” and the “love for details” to live, which is of enormous importance to the designer.