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Nita Suri was born in the 1992. Inspired by travel, crafted for purpose, and created with beauty, Nita Suri strives to provide function through fashion to the modern woman. Aesthetically artistic presence combined with practical functionality of design makes Nita Suri perfect for the modern woman, from fashionista to jet setter to high powered business woman.
Conceptualized during an exploration of Europe’s vibrant culture, founder and designer, Montse Friexes, was inspired by her hometown Barcelona and it's culture. Proud of her own city and it’s cultural arts, she started designing artifacts for herself that represented her own vision of small details embedded in Barcelona’s admirable architectural history, specially those of Gaudi (La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell…)
Montse founded Nita Suri to share her vision with the world. The designer’s curious, detail orientated creative mind, strived for more. Thus leading the designer to step out of her marvelous hometown and learn from other cultures like a local. During this artist dream she lived an average of 5 years in each of the following: Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid and Seul.. She learnt much more than their local languages. Since it’s inception Nita Suri has not only redefined the standard of beauty for handbags but also has a history of meeting other needs for women through beautifully creative and practical design. 
Handbags remain Nita Suri’s core business and the creative engine of its entire production. Nita Suri creates cultural artifacts that must live up to that which inspires them. They are not handbags, they are Art. Yes, Art. Art seeking to meet the needs of the modern woman while placing importance on the aesthetic appeal and beauty of the product, it’s Nita Suri’s attention to detail that has kept them two steps ahead with the modern woman in mind.