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Exclusive Designs

NITASURI 's unique handbags offer an exclusive design and an outstanding quality. It's powerful cultural inspiration creates a timeless combination of fashion and art.

NITASURI’s collections are distinctive and sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless. Each collection is inspired by a famous Spanish artist in the form of shape or color selection to express their aesthetic and cultural values, truly one of a kind.

NITASURI is composed by three vertices:

Exclusive Design + Quality + Craftsmanship

NITASURI is for all of them who are Art-Fashion lovers and identify themselves as bold and natural leaders, curating beautiful stylish leather handbags and accessories for the fearless individual.

With a distinctive personality, each model aims to empower women all over the world to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Handmade in Spain

Each bag is handmade in Ubrique, Spain with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, using only one piece of the finest soft calf and sheep leather. The quality of Ubrique’s leather is famous across Spain producing 75% of the leather goods made in Spain.

The handmade process respects traditional leather making techniques and several decades of artisanal experience from. Selected craftsmen carefully handcrafting each bag - this is what makes NITA SURI’s handbags unique and timeless pieces of art.

The final result is a sustainable line of handbags offering unique and contemporary interpretations of timeless styles paired with effortless elegance and quality.

The Designer

“These are not your typical handbags, they are Art”

Montse Freixes NitaSuri Designer

The name NitaSuri comes from the designer’s grandmothers: Anita (Nita) and Ursurina (Suri).

Montse Freixes, the designer of NitaSuri, has always been inspired by the architecture, beauty, and culture of her hometown of Barcelona, Spain. From an early age, she has always shown an intrinsic passion for arts and design.

Montse carefully selected the leather craftsmen and artisans whom would join her burgeoning company. With more than 30 years of artisanal and leather making experience, this creative team of management, commercial and administrative personnel would provide the perfect finish, design, quality, and functionality for each NitaSuri product.

Motivated by her worldwide travels, passionate curiosity and creative mind for design, she has dedicated her life observing the beauty of different cultural arts and translating them into wearable accessories – thus founding NitaSuri as a way to share her unique vision with the world.

Charity Program



We are excited to announce our partnership with Sparo to donate 10% of all your online purchases to the charity of your choice at no cost to you! Sparo’s Purchase with a Purpose® program is designed to help charities and causes that are important to all of us, one purchase at a time.

To find out more about the Sparo Purchase with a PurposeTM program, go to To participate, simply shop as you would, and at the Shopping Cart, select which charity you would like our donation to go to. Then checkout as usual in order to complete the donation.

We hope you join us in this movement, and ‘Purchase with a Purpose’ with NITA SURI.

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